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Pool without chlorine

Silvertronix - Disinfection of the pool without chlorine, no salt and chemicals

Disinfection of the pool without chlorine, no salt and chemicals

Company Silvertronix is engaged in pools construction for over 15 years. In 2007, we launched the latest disinfection system capable to disinfect pool water without the use of chemicals at all stages of the launch of the pool!
We released a new budget system disinfection for the European market, designed especially for private clients. What is important, our system easily allows to set parameters to ensure steady use of electrodes and a stable concentration of Cu-0.5 mg.l, Ag-0.01 without the risk of overdose concentrations of copper and silver These numbers match the DIN standards for a drinking water. According to our years of experience, a minimum lifetime of electordes is 3 years. Across the European Union, we have a number of companies from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, which successfully sell our systems.
Pool without chlorine

Attention: Chlorine is hazardous to your health!
Characteristics of of sodium hypochlorite; According to its chemical properties, sodium hypochlorite is not stable. At the temperature of + 35 ° C it decomposes into oxygen and chlorates. Chlorates are a strong poison. After getting into the body through the pores and respiratory ways they affect on the blood - changing hemoglobin to methemoglobin and causing the disintegration of erythrocytes. Toxic dose for humans is 1 g per 1 kg weight of body, even 10 g can cause death.
Therefore the use of sodium hypochlorite,particulary in solutions, especially during the summer time must be strictly controlled. Also the type of sodium hypochlorite is very important, the wrong type can contain mercury and heavy metals.
During the treatment of water containing ammonia, phenols and humic substances, there can be produced, chloroform, dichloro- and trichloroacetic acids, chloralgurates and some other substances causing oncological diseases.

Answers to questions concerning the system and its cost can be obtained by calling ;
+48 662 938 560

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Pool without chlorine

Pool without chlorine

Pool without chlorine

Pool without chlorine

Pool without chlorine

Pool without chlorine

Advantages of the Silvertronix - compared to chlorine treatment systems:

NB: No chlorine is allowed.
1. Innovative principle of automatic current regulation based on a three-level microprocessor protection, allowing maintenance of the current preset value and sustainability of secure disinfection process regardless of the pool water quality;
2. System programming with respect to week days in order to provide more accurate dose of silver and copper ions which, in turn, elongates the electrodes life depending on the pool load;
3. Differential silver control;
4. Differential copper control;
In order to set individual ionization parameters.
5. Ability to change and move polarization time to provide maximum disinfection effectiveness depending on water salt composition;
6. Alteration of pH level, copper and silver concentration;
7. Output to pH lowering (raising) chemical feeder (when adjustment is needed);
8. Longer operational life of service parts due to proper ionization mode functioning;
9. Ability to monitor and adjust the disinfection system parameters when GSM additional module is connected;
10. Automatic control of dosing and measuring ions;
11. No need in measuring out the dose of any disinfection chemicals (chlorine, ozone etc.) posing a hazard to human health;
12. Long life of service parts (electrodes), i.e. 3-4 years;
13. Lower swimming pool maintenance time;
14. No need in frequent pH level adjustment as, if within 6.5- 9.0, it doesn't influence the pace and quality of disinfection and tends to slow increase;
15. No need in adding coagulating and flocculating agents as electrolysis of water produces tiny bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen;
On the way up the bubbles meet impurities (metal hydroxides and carbonates, emulsions, dispersed organic matters) and form a firm layer of foam, i.e. flotation sludge, which precipitates on the sand filter and can be removed during the filter flushing.
16. No need in using algaecides as built-up copper oxides prevent algae from growing;
17. The water purification level is preserved for a lengthy period of time even if the filtration system is switched off;
18. Possibility of growing indoor plants;
19. Possibility of using the pool water for watering lawn and discharging to the landscape;
20. No allergy after penetration of the chloramine smell into living spaces (bedrooms, living rooms etc.);
21. No indoor metal corrosion;
22. Possibility of designing a swimming pool tailored for placing fish and aquatic vegetation.

Silvertronix - Swimming pools without chlorine

The method of water disinfection by its saturation with silver and copper ions and without chlorine allows to reliably protect water from pathogens for a long time even when the filtering equipment is off. In addition, acting destructively on bacteria and viruses this method doesn't lead to development of their sustainable immunity.
Water saturation with silver and copper ions is the only modern method of water disinfection which has such long-lasting effect.

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Pool without chlorine
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